The Artist

Art has always exerted an irresistible attraction on me, clinging to my being like a deep embrace. Without realizing it, it crept into me, vibrating like a chord deep within my being. Faced with each work of art, my eyes would plunge with delight into the details offered by the artist.

Each artistic encounter was a cascade of emotions, a whirlwind where sweetness and passion mingled, capturing me in a momentum I didn't want to see fade away. I longed to remain in that dream world, where each painting resonated with a fiery story, where time seemed suspended in a bubble of creativity.

It was then my turn to pass on...

It was now my turn to share...

It was now my turn to make the world go round...

Over the years, as I've met new people, I never imagined that an artist would introduce me to a material of such singular beauty.

In 2004, an adventure began... the beginning of an infinite passion for the Art of Vegetal Paper.

Vegetable Paper

Plants are fascinating works of nature. As much as it gives us its beauty, its fragrance, its medicinal virtues and its diverse tastes, it also possesses other fabulous resources...

Its fibers enable us to create the most beautiful papers to touch, dye, write on and, above all, look at.

Soft or rough, thin or thick, opaque or transparent, paper is magic.

The magic of the plant and the skill of the artist are a matchless combination

Isn't it wonderful to be able to give a plant a second life?

Transforming this material into a leaf to engrave your sweetest words, a book to house a treasure trove of memories captured in images, a card to convey delicate thoughts to a loved one, or any other plant paper creation, each piece will be imbued with uniqueness.

my Experience at your service

Learn how to make paper from plant fibers and turn it into a memory in the shape of a Tibetan book or other format.

or, in a few days, make vegetable paper in pairs with a theme such as...

The traditional cut

First cuts of participants

Graphic Design

Every Thursday afternoon at Château d'Oex (VD) 3hres

Art Direction

All materials are included, and you will leave with your decoupage ready to be framed.

Brand Strategy
To register, please contact the Château d'Oex-Rougemont Tourist Office.
026 924 2525
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"My passion at your service

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The Municipality of Ollon

"An effective and gratifying introduction for all to the art of decoupage and the care Elisabeth took to showcase the "works" created. Everyone was astonished and delighted.
The Municipality was well inspired to choose the Pays d'Enhaut as the destination for its annual outing."


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