Passionate about music?

Dive into the ocean of your musical passion, a book perhaps designed for true enthusiasts of the music of Mozart or other eminent composers. Each page of this magical work becomes a note, a melody, a doorway to the very essence of the composer's soul.

Passionate about the Middle Ages?

In a magical book that becomes an open window on this fascinating period of history, where knights, castles and mysteries abound.

A world where legends come to life, and your every word, image and passion is detailed, forming a captivating story in a book that looks like an old grimoire.


Spirituality is your world, and by creating a book that reflects your unique journey you'll convey your thoughts, experiences and images in a personalized work that on every page will remind you of the beauty and depth of your spiritual path.

Your pet?

In the unique world of relationships with your pet, where unconditional love and deep bonds are at the heart of every interaction, creating a personalized book is a precious way to celebrate your special bond. Through its pages, you can share your sweetest moments, most memorable adventures and fondest memories with your faithful companion.

Your wedding?

In the magical world of your wedding ceremony, where every moment is imbued with feeling and joy, creating a personalized book is an extraordinary way to capture your unique journey to wedded bliss. You'll be able to convey your deepest emotions, your most precious memories and your most vivid images, offering an intimate testimony of your love and commitment to each other.


In the world of Freemasonry, where the quest for spirituality and well-being is at the heart of every initiation, creating a book with an ancient character is a powerful way of sharing your unique journey. Here, you can record your thoughts, experiences and images, offering an intimate testimony to your commitment to the Masonic tradition.



From an unusual grandmother?

Often a grandmother makes her mark on our lives, and this relationship is always treasured because she was an extraordinary lady and her life inspiring. Creating a personalized book would be a touching way to pay tribute to her priceless legacy. In its contents you can capture the magic of shared memories, moments of complicity and life lessons passed on with love.

World leaders?

You have a great passion for Leonardo da Vinci, for example, that timeless, visionary genius about whom you'd like to create a personalized book, an extraordinary way to celebrate him and pay tribute to his never-ending legacy and influence.


For you, travel is an art of living, so why not put your best memories in an art book to make an icon of your passion to share with those you love?


Every passion is a book in itself...

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"My passion at your service!

"This book is a testimony, an invitation to discovery. This book is of the highest quality, both in terms of its craftsmanship and its varied and surprising components. The vegetal paper pages are like a caress under the fingers. You'll travel through the photos and texts, consulting the book and returning to it from time to time. A book that's nothing like a romance, but rather an invitation to reveal a life well lived!"
"To give yourself or your loved ones an Elisabeth plant paper book is to share a unique and pleasurable sensory experience. As you turn the pages of this book, you'll feel the softness of the paper under your fingers and the sudden urge to write down your thoughts, feelings and memories. ."